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Here I am at 7 months pregnant. I didn't think I could get any bigger! I obviously did as Mark was born at 41 weeks, 2 days - 9 days overdue.

My regular OB was on vacation at my November 11 appointment (exactly 37 weeks). His partner was concerned about my belly size. He thought he heard two heartbeats and said that if I was just having one big baby, I'd be big in one direction or the other; I was measuring big in both directions. I hadn't gained a huge amount of weight (30 pounds altogether for a 9 lb, 13 oz baby) and as you can see, my arms and legs didn't get big. I was all baby. Due to the OB's concerns, I had an ultrasound that day. The tech didn't find twins as the OB suspected. She did find one big baby BOY who was estimated to weigh 8 1/2 lbs that day.

I was sent home to rest for the remainder of my pregnancy. The doctor felt I'd end up too tired with such a big baby to cope with labor. Looking back, this was a mistake. I working in the San Diego City Attorney's office and was busy, busy, busy. The exercise would have been good for me, not to mention GRAVITY doing its job.

The best part about the ultrasound was knowing I was having a boy. Mark became MARK at that point and I got to think of him as Mark for the next 30 days while he was safe in my womb. Ironically, I didn't have the courage to find out what my next babies were during pregnancy. It was a surprise when they came out into the world.

First pictureBorn December 11, 1982 at 1:24 am, Mark Adam Pruett weighed in at 9 lbs, 13 oz and was 22 1/4 inches long. This is his first picture. He's 1 1/2 hours old and in the NICU at San Diego Children's Hospital. They hadn't even had a chance to clean him off yet. When this picture was taken, I was still in the recovery room at Sharp Hospital which is next door to Children's.

12 hours old

Here's Mark at 12 hours old and stable. He's been cleaned up and is sporting a new diaper. There's real pee in that catheter - the stuff that makes a mama proud! This is the first time I got to see him since I was knocked out half way through the cesarean. They wheeled me through a tunnel connecting the two hospitals to get to the NICU.

1st touch

This is our first touch outside the womb . . . Mark holding Mom's finger. He looked perfect in every way and very much like his daddy.

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