Meet Lindsay's Family

Dana, Phil, Melissa and Katie-Rose Gensler
Dana, Phil, Melissa and Katie-Rose Gensler

These are my sisters:
Melissa and Katie Rose  Melissa and Katie Rose

Melissa’s birthday is April 25, 1988
Lindsay’s birthday is May 23, 1989
Katie-Rose’s birthday is December 28, 1990
(My mom was pregnant for three years in a row!)

My sisters like to write too:

I love Lindsay, she’s so sweet.
I wanted to play with her,
but she was already dead.
I only saw her in a casket bed.
I love Lindsay, really I do
She was my sister who I once saw,
but never really knew.

Melissa Gensler (age 9)

I wish I could see my sister, Lindsay. When she was born she had a broken heart, so she died. And when she was born, I wasn’t born yet so I didn’t get to see her. Right now, she is almost 9-years old, but she is really dead. So that explains how me and Lindsay missed each other. And we miss each other very much.

Katie-Rose Gensler (age 7)


This is my big brother, Christopher.
His birthday is October 11, 1979.
He is a 1998 High School Graduate!

Dana and Phil

This is my mom and dad:
Phil and Dana Gensler
January 17th and October 13th
(They won’t tell what year they were born. :-)

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