Lindsay's Photo Album

Here's our Lindsay . . .

Lindsay immediately after birth   Lindsay with OB/GYN

Here are a couple of pictures taken in the delivery room. That's Dr. Dobson, my favorite OB/GYN, who delivered her.

Lindsay in NICU   Lindsay with Mom and Dad  Lindsay in NICU

Polaroids taken by the NICU staff at Kosair Children's Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky. When I look at these pictures now, particularly the close-up with the machines, I understand how truly critical her condition was. Poor little Lindsay.

Mom and Lindsay  Mom and Lindsay

Mom, Dad and Lindsay   Dad and Lindsay

These pictures were taken during the last hour and 40 minutes of her life. Isnít she precious? Our favorite is the one where her hand is holding onto my finger. Others in the room with us were my husband, Phil, my mother, Jenny Leigh, and my brother, Norm Leigh.

Lindsay's grave

This is where we go to "visit" Lindsay now. She is buried in Bowling Green, Kentucky, under a beautiful old oak tree.

Lindsay  Lindsay  Lindsay

These are three sketches of Lindsay drawn by artist Sharon Johnson. The one with Lindsayís eyes open is an artistís perception of what she would look like. It is the only picture we have with her eyes open. It is a treasure!

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